According to a Wall Street Journal article published Sunday, immigration raids kicked off on a small scale over the weekend in New York City. However, it was unclear if those raids were directly connected to the nationwide mass immigration arrest effort the Trump administration announced last month. The article states, “as of Sunday afternoon, activist groups were reporting little other enforcement activity beyond Saturday’s New York City raids.”

In a recent Michigan Radio article, it was reported that rumors of ICE raids in Dearborn emerged after Homeland Security Investigation agents visited local restaurant, Hamido, to request employment verification forms. Dawud Walid, from the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan Chapter (CAIR-MI) said to Michigan Radio: “We’re concerned because the Trump administration has publicly announced that they’re stepping up ICE raids all throughout the United States of America,” Walid says. “We have strong reason to believe that Dearborn, Michigan, given its high immigrant population, would be a target of ICE.”

Residents of Southwest Detroit had expressed similar concerns to One Detroit at a recent community meeting in the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation. The One Detroit team, along with our partners at CDAD (Community Development Advocates of Detroit), got to hear about the real issues the Southwest Detroit community is facing. Watch this excerpt of their conversation as they respond to the Trump administration’s proposed ICE raids on immigrant communities.

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Featured Image: ICE Special Agents arresting suspects during a raid, Photo Courtesy of ICE ( via wikimedia