Although Florine Mark was known for her role as President and CEO of Weight Watchers, her reach was far beyond that. Not only was Florine a talented businesswoman, she was also a pioneer, blazing a path for future women entrepreneurs at a time when women-led businesses were almost unheard of. 

The Detroit native is recognized for her business acumen, but also for her deep commitment to serving the community. Florine took pride in ensuring that both passion and dedication were at the forefront of all of her accomplishments. Along with being a community leader, advocate and role model, she was greatly devoted to her family. Mark died Oct. 13. She was 90.

“I think my mother considered everybody her family,” said Sheri Mark, Florine Mark’s daughter. 

Sheri Mark, daughter of Florine Mark, and Cecelia Sharpe

Sheri Mark, left, the daughter of the late Florine Mark, shares a photo of her and her mother at her metro Detroit home with One Detroit contributor Cecelia Sharpe, right, of 90.9 WRCJ. | Photo by One Detroit

Sheri Mark sat down with One Detroit contributor and 90.9 WRCJ host Cecelia Sharpe to share her thoughts on the legacy her mother has left behind. Sheri Mark discussed the importance of family unity and how it contributed to her mother’s success. She also talked about how she hopes her mother will be remembered. “Her signature was love, love, love,” said Sheri Mark, “…to fight for peace and be kind to people.” 

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