As more and more Americans take on the responsibility of caring for an aging family member, not enough caregivers are taking time care for themselves. This can lead to stress and health issues.

Respite care provides short-term relief for caregivers by allowing them to step away for a break and personal time, while trained professionals take care of their loved one either in the home or at an outside facility. However, many family caregivers don’t know about respite care or don’t know how to find these services, a price they can afford.

In this report for the New York & Michigan Solutions Journalism Collaborative, One Detroit and Urban Aging News take a look at an adult day program that is helping caregivers get much-needed respite care. The DayBreak program at the Hannan Center had only been open for six weeks last year when the pandemic forced it to suspend its operations. Now, it has opened again, providing services, activities and socialization for older adults with dementia as well as a much needed break for their regular caregivers. The report talks to the people who run DayBreak and a very grateful caregiver, as well as providing helpful advice on selecting a respite care provider.


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