This summer, Micah Martin, a senior at L’Anse Creuse High School, was chosen to be a PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs Gwen Ifill Legacy Fellow for 2021. As part of her fellowship, she completed an internship with Detroit Public TV’s One Detroit team, and under their mentorship, produced an engaging multi-part conversation on racial inequality.

To participate in the conversation, Micah chose her best friend, senior at L’Anse Creuse H.S., Triasure Golden, and her step-brother and junior at Olivet College, Gleo Wade. Here, she explains more about why she wanted to focus on the topic of racial inequality and why she chose Triasure and Gleo to share their experiences.


On Racial Inequality Inside the Classroom


On the Impact of George Floyd’s Murder


“It starts with just talking about it just like we are now.”


On what they hope viewers will take away from their conversation:


About These Conversations:

One Detroit and Detroit Public TV will continue to share conversations like this from across southeast Michigan with the simple goal of giving pause and a reason to ponder and let these stories work on all of us. Conversations between family, friends, allies, and generations. Conversations sharing what life has been like living here in Metro Detroit and what they hope it will be like.