The One Detroit team regularly attends community meetings to meet Detroiters where they live and to hear what’s on their minds so that we tell the right stories, the right way. During a community meeting at the Church of Messiah in Islandview, the church’s pastor, Barry Randolph, mentioned that his congregation was more than 50% young African American men who chose not to attend the meeting in order to avoid having their voices squelched by their elders. One Detroit’s Will Glover decided to work with the pastor to give some of the young men space to speak their minds, unfiltered and unprompted. During the conversation, they illuminated their feelings about character defining life circumstances, how they’re navigating poverty, and holding out hope amidst a resource starved city. We spent a day with one of the young men, Dwight Roston, 24-year-old father of three sharing his truth about life in Detroit, his thoughts on the Detroit’s comeback, and what he hopes the future of his daughters will look like. These are voices seldom heard and faces rarely seen in such an honest and vulnerable way.