At the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club, you won’t find any fancy wines or cheeses. You won’t find any breakfast either, but you can find a community of mixed-media artists showcasing, seeking advice on, and selling their work. And it’s all uniquely Detroit.  

The group started in 2009, when co-founders Henry Harper and Harold Braggs used to meet at Noni’s Sherwood Grille for breakfast and to discuss art. Not long after, others started to join their conversations, and eventually, the table for two outgrew the entire restaurant. Today, because of its size, the Breakfast Club meets on Mondays at the Marygrove Conservancy, where you’ll find emerging and existing Detroit artists, art collectors and art lovers.  

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One Detroit Senior Producer Bill Kubota spent an evening with the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club for a look at the weekly experience and how it’s paving the way for the city’s Black and brown artists to become part of America’s artistic story. 

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Kubota talks with Harper about the growth of the Breakfast Club and the evolving business of the art world as it becomes more accessible. Plus, he catches up with several Detroit-based artists, including nationally renowned artists Jonathan Harris and Judy Bowman and emerging artists Oshun Williams and Melinda Ruth Rushing, to hear about how the Breakfast Club has improved their artistry and artistic careers. 

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