From our partners at BridgeDetroit.

By starting time, early Saturday evening, more than 100 had gathered on the Delray block where a makeshift boxing ring had been set up in the street.

The ring is tiny. A wrestling mat serves as the floor. One corner of the rope ring is tied to the black rim of a Chevy Silverado. Hennessy bottles are being passed around freely in the crowd.  The smell of blunts in the air is thick.

Organizer/ringmaster/boxer Dwayne Taylor wasted no time to get the boxing matches underway.

“No guns, we’re out here to show people the better way,” the 23-year-old tells the crowd. “And, again, anyone who wants to box today, just let me know, we’ll set you up.”

Welcome to the latest edition of Pick Your Poison Detroit, possibly the toughest anti-gun movement in the city. More than a dozen will fight in this latest event of weekly boxing matches.

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