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  • How Expensive It Is to Be Broke

COVID-19 put American social safety net programs to the test, making long standing systemic issues even more visible. One Detroit’s Will Glover took a look at one of those issues–how expensive it is to be broke. He spoke with experts working to lift people out of poverty, those who’ve experienced the added costs of low-wages, and how getting a raise pushes some in need off of a financial cliff.

  • New Skillman Foundation CEO Angelique Power on What Michiganders Want for Their Kids

How much would you be willing to pay to improve children’s lives? Would you pay higher taxes? The people at Skillman Foundation asked voters those very questions about kids, school, and mental health. Their new President and CEO, Angelique Power, sat down with One Detroit’s Christy McDonald and talked about the answers to those questions up at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

An exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum called “Exiled To Motown” explores the Japanese American experience here in Metro Detroit. The “Exiled To Motown” exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum explores the Japanese American experience here in Metro Detroit. It’s a story of displacement and resettlement. Japanese Americans were sent to incarceration camps during World War II. When resettlement started, their choices were limited: stay in the camps with the people they knew, or head east and start new lives in places they’d never imagined. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota knows something about that. His parents came here right after the war. He takes a look.

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