Thursday on One Detroit:

  • Roundtable: Christy McDonald and One Detroit contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley discuss systemic racism, the impact of the police brutality protests that are still occurring nationwide, and the increase in violence in some cities.
  • Black Lives Matter: Over the weekend, a full page ad supporting Black Lives Matter made the papers, complete with a list of changes the movement is advocating for locally regarding policing, eviction orders, a Citizens Task Force, and more. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota spoke with BLM Detroit’s John Sloan III.
  • A Continuing Series of Small Indignities: Rodney Harris has retired after nearly four decades in retail management. An African American growing up in mostly white Macomb County in the 1960s, he tells all to former classmate and filmmaker Michael Pfaendtner in a short documentary film about one man’s challenges because of his race over the past half century in Southeastern Michigan. More about the film can be found here:

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