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  • BETH NIBLOCK: Christy sits down with the City of Detroit’s Chief Information Officer, Beth Niblock, to talk about how she and her team have brought the city’s information technology system up-to-date.
  • DONNA BRAZILE: Stephen Henderson talks with Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile about President Donald Trump and the current political landscape in Washington, D.C.
  • BRIDGET MCCORMACK: Nolan Finley meets up with the newly-elected Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, Bridget McCormack, to talk about perceptions of the court and what should be expected from the court system.
  • FILIPINO SUPPER CLUB: A special One Detroit report on a man who came up with the idea of creating a Filipino Supper Club as a way to stay connected to his ethnic and cultural roots by sharing authentic family recipes with a new group of Detroit friends.

Featured Image: Heron at the Cullen Family Carousel located in Rivard Plaza, along the Detroit Riverwalk, Photo by HarshLight via cc 2.0 

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