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  • JUAN GONZALEZ/DACA:  In this follow-up One Detroit report, we meet up again with Juan Gonzalez, a DACA recipient and vocal advocate for a permanent plan that would allow “dreamers” to remain in the United States. Juan talks about the uncertainty he has faced over the past year as the immigration issue and the DACA status of thousands continue to be debated in Congress.
  • GOVERNOR’S EDUCATION BUDGET:  Christy, Nolan and Stephen take an in-depth look at Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s budget for state education. They offer their thoughts on the governor’s K-12 and higher education funding proposals and the impact it could have on education in Michigan.
  • DETROIT CHARTER COMMISSION:  Following a rather raucous meeting of the Detroit Charter Revision Commission, Bridge Magazine reporter Chastity Pratt Dawsey answers questions about the Commission and what it’s tasked with doing.
  • MARLOWE JOHNSON: One Detroit introduces viewers to Marlowe Johnson, a bar manager at a downtown Detroit restaurant. Johnson gives his perspective on the growing restaurant scene in the city and the importance of providing great hospitality and catering to all demographics.

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