• One Year into the Pandemic with Governor Whitmer: It was a year ago this week that our world changed, and we entered lockdown. Christy takes a look back at the year with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, how far we’ve come through the pandemic, how COVID has exposed inequities in the system, and prospective back to work measures. Check out the full interview here>
  • Emerging from the Pandemic: What will we expect as we emerge from the pandemic? Bill Kubota talks to epidemiologist Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and virologist Oveta Fuller about five things we’ll be hearing more about in the months to come. As different states apply different rules in reopening their economies, expect more complexities dealing with the pandemic as new variants show up. More vaccines will come after round one is done.
  • The Deepening Divide in Lansing: There are a lot of policy and spending decisions to be made moving forward including the transparency of decision making and the governor’s emergency powers. One Detroit contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley debate the biggest sticking points.
  • Future of the Workplace: COVID has drastically changed the nature of work for millions of people. Gerry Anderson, DTE Energy Chairman and Co-chair of the Michigan Economic Recovery Council, talks about what working could look like going forward.
  • Gen Z on a Post-COVID Future: COVID is Gen Z’s “Where were you when the world stopped?” moment. Has it inspired them to do something different in life? What lessons have they taken from living through the pandemic? We gave our PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs kids an assignment: a video diary on how they feel now about a post-COVID future.

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