• COVID-19 Beyond Our Borders: We know about the new shutdown here at home. What’s happening just across our borders? It’s not so good in Mexico, and not as good as it was just a few weeks ago in Canada. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota looks at the statistics while talking to a Canadian and Mexican to find out more about what’s being done and not being done to control the spread of the virus and slow the death toll.
  • Livernois Avenue of Fashion: Adapting to the Pandemic: The pandemic dealt a second blow to the many African American owned businesses along Livernois Avenue in Detroit. A major city construction project had disrupted businesses for several months along the Avenue of Fashion. One Detroit’s Will Glover checked in with some of the Livernois business owners to see how they are managing during a very challenging time.
  • Religious Diversity Journeys: Sikhism: Explore different faith communities here in Southeast Michigan and get to learn through the eyes of students. In this video, we join local student, Kennedy, as she takes a tour to learn more about Sikhism, a religion that preaches love, peace, and the equality of humankind.
  • Stephen and Nolan Get Civil: One Detroit contributors, Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley, have started what they call ‘The Civility Project,’ which aims to help people with opposing perspectives learn to listen to one another. They also recently spoke at the Detroit Economic Club to talk about what civility really means.

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