• Election 2020: Nolan Finley & Stephen Henderson
    The 2020 Election: Historic. Unprecedented. Challenging. Anxiety-producing. And Michigan has been right in the middle of it. Managing Editor, Christy McDonald, along with One Detroit contributors, Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley, talk about historic turnout, counties that flipped, and what this election says about us here in Michigan.
  • Detroit Voting Trends
    Election Day is behind us, with votes still being tallied nationwide. Bryce Huffman, BridgeDetroit Reporter and Producer, tells us what voter turnout looked like on the ground in Detroit, how prepared the city was, and why poll challengers were chanting outside the TCF Center where votes were being counted.
  • Talking Politics at Work
    Your water cooler, real or virtual, might be rife with political talk. Legally speaking, there are rules. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota talks with attorney Terry Bonnette at Nemeth Law in Detroit about how far employees and employers can go in expressing politics in the workplace.
  • One Detroit Interview: Brigadier General Darren Werner
    Veterans Day is coming up next week. Christy talks with Brig. General Darren Werner about what it was like coming back to Michigan to command TACOM in Warren, the kind of leadership qualities people are looking for today, and what to remember going into Veterans Day.

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