Tonight on One Detroit:

Christy anchors the show from New York Red Hots Coney Island in Madison Heights, and she joins Stephen and Nolan in the DPTV studios for conversations on the upcoming election:

  • Governor’s Race:  The last gubernatorial debate takes place this week (Wednesday). The One Detroit team talks about the highlights of the debate and assesses the current status of the Governor’s race.
  • State House & Senate Races: The One Detroit team analyzes the key races in the Michigan House & Senate and whether the Democrats have a chance at winning a majority in the House.
  • Ballot Proposals:  Two of this year’s ballot proposals focus on redistricting and legalizing marijuana. The One Detroit team debates the possible outcomes and the impact on the state.
  • Women Candidates: In this special One Detroit report, Christy looks at the large number of female candidates on the November 6th ballot.
  • State Polling:  Pollster Steve Mitchell of Mitchell Research & Communications talks with Nolan and Stephen about the latest polling numbers in the state races.

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