• Michigan Militias One Detroit’s Will Glover sits down with Dr. Amy Cooter, Vanderbilt Sociology lecturer and expert on U.S. domestic militias and related nostalgic groups that are commonly grouped under the terms “right-wing” or “patriot groups”.
  • Domestic Terrorism & the Power of Words One Detroit contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley talk with Javed Ali, former National Security Council Advisor on Counterterrorism and current policy maker in resident at U of M’s Ford School of Public Policy, about the role language plays in inciting extremist behavior and whether or not the U.S. has the right policy framework to confront domestic terrorism.
  • Election 2020: The Changing Demographics of Wayne County In the past, Democrats have counted on Wayne County to side with their candidates in an election. Whether Wayne County will play a key role in the 2020 presidential election will likely depend on one thing: turnout.
  • High School in a Pandemic Christy catches up with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs students Isaac, Mackenzie, and Emily about how school has changed when it comes to virtual learning and interactions with their friends and teachers.
  • Michigan Opera Theatre – Twilight: Gods Michigan Opera Theatre is thinking outside of the box and stepping off the stage to bring audience theatre in a way they’ve never seen before: in the MOT’s parking garage. Artistic Director, Yuval Sharon, gives an overview of how this innovative approach delivers scenes and story level by level as drivers watch and listen to the drama unfold from the comfort of their vehicles.

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