• Sports, learning loss and COVID with DPSCD’s Dr. Vitti: “We need concrete data to know why we should open schools, why we should close schools, why we should stop sports, why we should continue sports. At the end of the day, if schools are open, sports should be played.” DPSCD Superintendent, Dr. Nikolai Vitti, wrote a letter to Governor Whitmer, urging the governor to let Michigan schools to resume school sports. Dr. Vitti, who positions himself as a critical colleague of the governor, spoke with One Detroit’s Christy McDonald. He also talks with Christy about the timeline for in-person learning and dealing with learning loss.
  • Dr. Arnold Monto: Efficacy of the COVID Vaccine: The supply of COVID vaccine in Michigan is still not enough to meet the demand for everyone eligible to get the shot. University of Michigan epidemiologist Dr. Arnold Monto chaired the federal committee that recommended the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for emergency use. He talked with Will Glover this week about their efficacy with the new variants and more.
  • More on Ray Gray: after decades behind bars, could commutation be possible? We have some news about Ray Gray, a Michigan man who is one of the state’s longest serving inmates. He’s also well known for the art he has created while incarcerated. We did a story on him this fall and the push by the Innocence Project for Ray to be released after decades behind bars. Now, Wayne Co. prosecutor Kym Worthy says she may be ready for Ray to go free. Bill Kubota has more.
  • ABJ: Karen Weaver reacts to the charges against former governor Snyder in Flint water crisis: “I thought and I know many of many of the residents of this city thought that he would get slapped with manslaughter. And it’s interesting that you see others charged with manslaughter that report it to him and that were under him, but he doesn’t get manslaughter. And how does that not happen?”  Recent charges against former governor Rick Snyder, his former health chief Nick Lyon and several others in the Flint water crisis have brought renewed focus on the recovery of Flint and the health of its residents. Former Flint Mayor Karen Weaver talked with Stephen Henderson on American Black Journal about the criminal charges and the broken trust many residents still have.

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