Tonight on MiWeek:

The MiWeek team and special roundtable guests, Lee Wilkins, Chair of the Department of Communication of Wayne State University, and Garlin Gilchrist II, Executive Director of U-M Center for Social Media Responsibility, take an in-depth look at the role of media in this year’s elections.

Some of the questions they’ll take on are:

  • Have news organizations gained voters’ trust?
  • Are the media doing their jobs better?
  • Since 2016, where are voters getting their information from?
  • Are the media giving time to the issues that are important?
  • Is the media’s focus more splintered now than in 2016?
  • How is social media changing the way news is communicated?
  • How are candidates using social media to their advantage for 2018?
  • How can people trust the information they’re seeing on social media – are users turning away from social media or using it more?

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