Tonight on MiWeek:

  • NAEP READING & MATH SCORES: Michigan math and reading test scores for fourth and eighth graders remained flat in 2017 on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.  The MiWeek team talks about what these scores indicate about Michigan’s education system.
  • PAUL RYAN RETIREMENTSpeaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan makes the surprise announcement that he will retire after his term ends. The MiWeek team discusses what impact his decision will have on Republicans in Michigan.
  • FLINT WATER DISTRIBUTIONThe State Department of Environmental Quality announces it will end distribution of free bottled water in Flint now that the city’s tap water has tested below federal guidelines for lead for nearly two years.  However, residents are skeptical and the Mayor will meet with Governor Snyder to plead her case for continuing the bottled water supply. The MiWeek team debates the decision to pull the plug on the bottled water.
  • DETROIT RIVERFRONT PLANS: The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy announces the winners in the competition to transform the city’s West Riverfront Park. The MiWeek team discusses the winning plans and architects.
  • THE FUTURE OF INFORMATIONIn a video segment, Christy talks with futurist Amy Webb about the impact of emerging technology on communication. Then the MiWeek team expands the conversation on the future of social media, privacy issues, and Facebook.

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