One Detroit recently interviewed Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, past candidate for Governor, but also an epidemiologist by training, as he is self-quarantining in his in-laws’ basement in Macomb County.

He says pandemics have hit the poor harder since the beginning of time, and talks about how health has been compromised in the city.

Why is Detroit a hot-spot? Higher rates of asthma living near heavy industry makes people more susceptible to COVID-19, with people’s lungs already compromised. It’s a short drive from Bloomfield Hills to downtown, but in that suburb, life expectancy is six years longer than in the city.

Some people have the advantage of being able to do better with social distancing. David Geffen can social distance on the ocean in his yacht. Detroiters might find themselves crammed into dwellings with many others.

He notes NBA players were able to get testing while health care workers on the front lines couldn’t.

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