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Deep Cover: The Drug Wars

Detroit Public TV’s Marty Fischhoff interviews Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Jake Halpern, about his first podcast, “Deep Cover: The Drug Wars.”

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Ozzie Rivera: A Lifetime of Music

One Detroit’s Bill Kubota sat down with Ozzie Rivera to talk about the origins of his passion for music and celebrating culture, memories of drum circles in Clark Park and his outlook on salsa’s longevity.

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Detroit Jazz City

Catch a first glimpse of “Detroit Jazz City,” the upcoming half hour DPTV documentary on Detroit’s role in helping introduce jazz music to the world.

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Seven Last Words of the Unarmed

University of Michigan’s Director of Choirs, Dr. Eugene Rogers, sits down with Aaron Dworkin of Arts Engines for a conversation about the powerful choral work that pays tribute to African American men killed by police or other authority figures.

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Detroit COVID-19 Memorial Day

The loved ones of Detroiters lost to COVID-19 had a chance to have memorial processions on Belle Isle, where the City of Detroit has set up hundreds of billboards honoring victims of the coronavirus.

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