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Once Upon A December Eve

Once Upon A December Eve with Alice McAllister Tillman, Dewayne, Peter, and Willie J. McAllister has become a wonderful holiday tradition in the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

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Scotty Bowman and The Russian Five

Coach Bowman reflects back on the legacy and foundation he helped build in Detroit, and what he says he learned from being a part of this incredible moment in sports history.

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Preview: The Russian Five

View a clip from “The Russian Five” and see how their arrival turned around the beloved Detroit hockey team that was approaching decline in the ’80s. Fred Nahhat talks with former Red Wing, Kris Draper.

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Freep Film Festival Goes Virtual, Dec 2-6

From Dec. 2-6, the Freep Film Festival is hosting online screenings of movies about Detroit hardcore punk, NFL cheerleaders, restaurant workers, Flint rap and the controversy over facial-recognition technology.

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Robin Seymour: Robin and the Music

If you grew up here in Detroit, chances are Robin Seymour narrated your musical memories as one of the most popular DJs starting in the 1950s. He passed away in April of this year, but his role in Detroit broadcasting history won’t be forgotten.

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