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  • ROUGE RIVER:  This Great Lakes Now report looks at the recent cleanup of the Rouge River and the impact it’s had on water quality in this river that stretches throughout southeast Michigan.
  • DEMOCRATIC DEBATES: Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley offer their perspectives on the upcoming Democratic Presidential Debates in Detroit. They look at whether the debate format works and what voters can expect from the large field of candidates.
  • DETROIT STARS OF THE NEGRO LEAGUES: This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Negro Baseball LeaguesDetroit Stars team. A new exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum focuses on the African-American players who were barred from the Major Leagues. In a segment from American Black Journal, Stephen talks with the daughter of legendary player Norman “Turkey” Stearnes and organizers of the exhibit.
  • DON WAS:  As the 27th annual Concert of Colors kicks off in Detroit, One Detroit catches up with musician Don Was as he rehearses for a special performance saluting 60 years of Motown. Plus, founder Ishmael Ahmed talks about what to expect at this year’s festival. 

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