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DPSCD Superintendent Extends Virtual Learning in District Through January 24

DPSCD Superintendent Nikolai Vitti spoke at Thursday’s COVID313 virtual town hall about his decision to keep the schools closed for in-person instruction until January 24. He said it was based on a 7-day infection rate in the city of well over 30 percent. The district will base a return to in-person learning when that rate drops below 20 percent.

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1/13/22: One Detroit – 2022 Politics, Redistricting Update, COVID Long-Haulers, Thank You Christy

Managing Editor Christy McDonald moderates a discussion between contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley about the trajectory of Michigan’s politics in 2022. One Detroit’s Will Glover gets an update on the Michigan Redistricting Commission’s new maps. Producer Bill Kubota looks at the long-lasting effects of COVID-19 on patients still ailing from the virus months after contracting it, and the medical research being done. Plus, a celebration of Christy’s work at DPTV for the past 10 years.

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Michigan’s New Redistricting Maps Change Election Races, Face Legal Challenges

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission continues to face backlash after announcing new maps for legislative and congressional districts at the end of 2021. As the impacts of the new maps continue to unfold, One Detroit’s Will Glover checks in with Bridge Michigan reporter Sergio Martínez-Beltrán to hear what’s happening in the aftermath of these newly adopted districts.

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COVID Long-Haulers: The People Still Suffering from the Virus

As the United States and Michigan continue to face some of the highest COVID-19 case counts with the Omicron variant since the start of the pandemic, the long-term effects of the virus for many who have already contracted it is still relatively unknown. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota connects with experts from Henry Ford Health System, The University of Michigan, and the Detroit Medical Center, along with patients still trying to shake the illness themselves, about the ways people’s bodies are still being ailed by COVID-19.

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30 Year Friendship Paves Way for Common Chords Nonprofit

When Reverand Robert Jones Sr. and Matt Watroba, a former teacher, connected 30 years ago, they found something special when they began creating music. Audiences reacted positively to their camaraderie on stage, which led the two to create the Common Chords nonprofit. One Detroit producer Sarah Smith met up with Jones Sr. and Watroba at the reverand’s church, Sweet Kingdom Baptist in Detroit, to hear more about Common Chord’s mission and vision for the organization’s future.

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DDC Dances Keeps Moving 40 Years After Start

Forty years after four Detroit dancers set out to create a professional contemporary dance studio in the city, DDC Dances studio has continued to move and groove through the decades. Owned and operated by founding member Barb Selinger, DDC Dances still succeeds at choreographing beautiful, deep performances. One Detroit producer Sarah Smith caught up with DDC Dances members while they practiced for their upcoming show, “Stomping Ground,” a reflective dance that will touch on topics like mental health, climate change and more.

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Pizza by the Square: Digging into Detroit Style Pizza’s Origins

Tonight, we dig deep into the origins of the city’s iconic Detroit style pizza and learn why it tastes so good. Plus, where does all the cheese go, and they used what as pans in the past? Find out all these answers and more as One Detroit’s Bill Kubota discusses the history of Detroit style pizza with Buddy’s and Cloverleaf Pizza, as part of the Detroit Public TV’s documentary series Detroit Remember When: Made in the Motor City.

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1/11/22: American Black Journal – Black Leaders Detroit, Workplace DEI, Dance Theatre of Harlem

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Black Leaders Detroit Founder Dwan Dandridge about leveling the playing field for Black-owned businesses and organizations through financial support. Then, Stephen discusses what progress has been made to workplace diversity and what areas are still lacking with marketing consultant Mark S. Lee. Plus, the Dance Theatre of Harlem makes a visit to the Motown Museum in Detroit before the upcoming premiere performance of “Higher Ground.”

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Fred Upton Shares His Experience from the Capitol Insurrection

One year after protesters stormed inside the United States Capitol Jan. 6, One Detroit contributor Nolan Finley sat down with United States  Congressman Fred Upton to recount how it felt to be inside the Capitol during the insurrection. Upton shares an eyewitness account of the insurrection, expresses his thoughts about the state of our democracy, and discusses whether he thinks the Capitol riot has affected our democracy’s trajectory.

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Brenda Lawrence Shares her Experience from the Capitol Insurrection

One year after protesters stormed inside the United States Capitol Jan. 6, One Detroit contributor Stephen Henderson sat down with United States Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence to recount how it felt to be inside the Capitol during the insurrection. She also shares her thoughts on the divisive protests at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night 2020, and how the two events are connected.

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Where Does Democracy Stand One Year After an Insurrection?

One Detroit Managing Editor Christy McDonald moderates a roundtable discussion with contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley on the state of our nation’s democracy. Plus, Stephen and Nolan speak with Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence and Congressman Fred Upton, respectively, about being at the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection. The congress members address the attacks, express their feelings about the state of our democracy, and discuss how the attacks have affected our democracy’s trajectory.

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  • Website for free virus tests is here. How does it work?

    Under criticism after weeks of shortages, President Joe Biden's administration is working to make COVID-19 rapid test kits more available and accessible to Americans by boosting supply and lowering costs.

  • News Wrap: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas Rudy Giuliani, three other Trump allies

    In our news wrap Tuesday, a congressional committee subpoenaed former Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani in the Jan. 6 investigation. A federal judge approved a debt restructuring plan that ends Puerto Rico's struggle to emerge from bankruptcy. Warnings flew back and forth between Russia and NATO powers over Ukraine. Verizon and AT&T agreed to delay activating 5G cell towers near major U.S. airports.

  • It's time to rethink America's pandemic strategy, experts say. Here's what they recommend

    COVID-19 cases are surging in many parts of the country with nearly 800,000 new cases a day. Hospitalizations and deaths are up significantly compared to two weeks ago. There are close to 140,000 people currently admitted to a hospital with confirmed COVID, and the country is reporting more than 1,700 deaths a day. We look into growing calls to alter the country's pandemic response strategy.