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Always Online: Weighing the Effects of Social Media on Teens’ Mental Health 

From Twitter to Instagram and now TikTok, social media use by teens is widespread. What impact is it having on their mental health? One Detroit summer intern Zion Williams talks with three of her high school friends, as well as mental health experts across Michigan, about how social media can effect teens’ developing minds and how parents can monitor their children’s wellbeing and online habits.

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‘Boys Come First’: Aaron Foley’s Debut Novel Follows Three Millennial Gay Black Friends in Detroit 

What does it look like on the inside of a friendship between three millennial gay Black friends in Detroit? In recognition of Pride Month, producer AJ Walker sits down with journalist and author Aaron Foley to talk about his new novel, including the controversial social, political and humanistic topics he covers and what he believes makes his characters different than those in other novels.

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EMU Students Help Afghan Refugee Families Move Into New Homes

As tensions have risen in Afghanistan over the last several months, more than a thousand Afghan refugees are expected to seek shelter in parts of Michigan including the state’s west side, Lansing and Ypsilanti as more Afghanistan families evacuate their Middle Eastern homes to begin new lives. PBS NewsHour Community Correspondent Frances Kai-Hwa Wang reports from Eastern Michigan University’s campus in Ypsilanti, where Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County has been helping coordinate the refugees’ arrivals and housing with the help of Eastern Michigan University students.

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