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1/24/22: One Detroit – Albert Kahn, Heidelberg Project, Pandemic Performances, African Drumming

Transport back in time to before Detroit was known as the motor city to learn about the lasting legacy architect Albert Kahn left in Detroit after crafting the Highland Park Ford plant, the Fisher Building and more. Then, One Detroit’s Will Glover catches up with the Heidelberg Project, a three-decade long arts project in east Detroit, to hear how the organization continues to fare during COVID. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts President Deborah Rutter shares how performances have changed since the pandemic began, and the importance of art in the human experience. Plus, we end the episode with a special Detroit Performs: Live From Maygrove performance of “Could You Love Me” by local folk artist Matt Watroba.

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1/20/22: One Detroit – Detroit’s Diverse History

This week, One Detroit examines the diverse history of Michigan’s largest city, Detroit. Learn more about the storied history of the city’s boxing scene, and what makes Detroit boxers knockouts in the ring. Then, One Detroit’s Bill Kubota visits the historic Birwood Wall, a Detroit wall with a racist past, and explores how it offers hope and healing today. Plus, a look into Detroit’s highways and the damage they’ve caused to Black communities over the years.

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1/17/22: One Detroit – Tylonn Sawyer, Mario Moore, Michigan Photography, Thank You Christy

This week on One Detroit, Arts & Culture: One Detroit’s Will Glover talks with Detroit contemporary artist Tylonn Sawyer about a new Northwest Detroit mixed-use development being named in his honor. Then, the team checks in with silverpoint artist Mario Moore about his new exhibition at the David Klein Gallery. Plus, a book of Michigan photography, and we saw thank you to One Detroit Managing Editor and anchor Christy McDonald on her last episode.

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1/13/22: One Detroit – 2022 Politics, Redistricting Update, COVID Long-Haulers, Thank You Christy

Managing Editor Christy McDonald moderates a discussion between contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley about the trajectory of Michigan’s politics in 2022. One Detroit’s Will Glover gets an update on the Michigan Redistricting Commission’s new maps. Producer Bill Kubota looks at the long-lasting effects of COVID-19 on patients still ailing from the virus months after contracting it, and the medical research being done. Plus, a celebration of Christy’s work at DPTV for the past 10 years.

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1/10/22: One Detroit – Common Chords, DDC Dances, Detroit Style Pizza

This week on One Detroit, Arts & Culture: A music nonprofit bringing people together, a dance studio still grooving four decades later, and the origins of Detroit style pizza. One Detroit producer Sarah Smith talks with Common Chords, a music nonprofit created by two local friends, about the organization’s mission. Plus, she talks with DDC Dances founder Barb Selinger about the dance studios continued success 40 years later. Then, One Detroit’s Bill Kubota takes a deep dive into the origins of Detroit style pizza, and where all the cheese went.

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