Christy McDonald talks with Detroit Blues and R&B singer Thornetta Davis about working during the pandemic, her career working with artists such as Etta James to Gladys Knight to Bob Seger and the recent song with Jeff Daniels “I Am America” featured in a Georgia Senate election ad.


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Christy McDonald  What has this last year been like for you as a musician?

Thornetta Davis  Wow. Well, it’s definitely been a crazy experience because I haven’t been able to get out perform. There were so many things we were going to do this past year. Me and my band were going to do a lot of traveling. I think the week of the cancelation of everything all over the country, we were going to Austin, Texas, and we were going to perform down to a number of gigs for the South by Southwest convention, and they canceled that immediately.

Christy McDonald  You’ve worked with everyone from Etta James , to Gladys Knight, to Bob Seger, that you always feel like you have been in that arena in terms of working with artists, but still pushing your name out there.

Thornetta Davis  You know, I was always behind the scenes singing the background and always wanting to go forward and do my own thing; so I’ve managed to do both. I never did go on tour with those famous people, but I managed to sing on their records, which helped lift my career up to do what I needed to do. This past 4 years, I released an album called “Honest Woman”. And “Honest Woman” was something that I had in place, that I had been working on for 20 years. Finally got it out, started winning all these great awards for it, and then the pandemic hits. And I was looking forward to touring all over the world. When those things happen, you get scared, you start wondering what’s going to happen, and, I thank God for the Internet, you know, because that is start to help me when people ask me to do certain performances recorded.

Christy McDonald  About a month ago, we heard a recording of you and Jeff Daniels singing this song called “I Am America”. Tell me about how that song came into being and your collaboration with Jeff Daniels, that everyone knows as an actor but likes to sing a bit and perform as well.

Thornetta Davis Well, I got a call from Jeff’s people and they asked me would I be willing to perform with him on a song that he’s putting on his album. And I was excited, I didn’t know to what capacity, I just thought, I’m singing with Jeff Daniels. And so when they sent me the music and I noticed that it only had the hook and one of the verses and I had to write the rest of it, and I said, okay well this is this is good, this is a stretch for me, but I’m going to enjoy this. And I wanted to speak on what I’ve been feeling as far as what’s been going on in the world, what’s been going on in this country, what we’ve experienced, all of us, but what I’ve experienced in my life as far as being a black person in this country. And so I wrote the words, give me my freedom, all I want to do is breathe, and all of these things that have not been happening in this country for hundreds of years. And I wanted to put it in this song.

Christy McDonald  When did you hear it for the first time and what was the reaction?

Thornetta Davis  The first time I heard it, for the public, is when my Twitter started blowing up. I had no idea they were going to use me for the ad campaign, which I’m glad they did that, too. But I’m like, why is my phone blowing up? And I went to it, it was like nine o’clock at night, and people are liking me and following me all of a sudden on my Twitter page. And so I went to, well, the reason why and I’m like, oh, woah! this is why, they put it on this commercial for the two senators down in Georgia.

Christy McDonald   You know, it’s the intersection of what you just said is speaking your truth, activism, everything colliding in one way, and you said even stretching yourself into into places maybe musically that you hadn’t been before.

Thornetta Davis  I wanted to write a song speaking on the things that have been going on as far as the police brutality and people making peaceful protests, and having the president at that time answer with with more violence, and I’m like, how does this work? You know, why can’t we just be at peace? I’m just looking forward to better days happening. I got a song called “I Believe Everything’s Gonna Be All Right”, and a lot of things happened this last year that had me struggling with that belief, and I believe God gave me that song to help others keep the faith.