Detroit Design 2067 is a week-long youth leadership & immersion program. It was developed to offer 12 high school juniors and seniors throughout the region an opportunity to be positioned as leaders for the future. This in-depth experience gives youth a chance to reflect on local history, build valuable skills, and envision the future: by exploring Detroit’s most valuable community resources & learning how to use problem solving methods as a way to address community challenges. In 2019, Detroit Public TV is privileged to participate in this year’s Detroit Design 2067 program as a community partner.

Last year, eleven Detroit-area high school students worked with four Detroit-serving community groups at the Detroit Historical Museum using the history of Detroit’s 1967 uprising and design thinking concepts to address current social issues facing the city. The students were grouped and assigned to one of our four community partner organizations that each had a connection to the events of July 1967.

This video was produced by The Grosse Pointe War Memorial.

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