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  • War of Words between Republican Legislature and Gov. Whitmer: Tensions have arisen in Lansing over Governor Whitmer’s emergency orders, even talks of potential litigation. Nolan Finley talks with Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey. Christy McDonald talks with Governor Whitmer.
  • COVID-19 and Sinai Grace Hospital: There’ve been reports of nurses staging sit-ins and walking off the job as well as lack of space to store bodies at the Detroit Medical Center’s Sinai Grace Hospital. Stephen Henderson talks with the hospital’s CEO, Daniel Jackson, about where things stand now.
  • What does a post-COVID-19 future even look like? Christy McDonald speaks with Futurist Amy Webb and her colleague, Marc Palatucci, on the changes that may or may not carry over in business, technology, and education.
  • Asian-Americans: From Vincent Chin to COVID-19: One Detroit takes a look at what some Asian Americans are experiencing and how it connects to the Vincent Chin murder, which took place in Detroit nearly 40 years ago. Now China is a target with the coronavirus crisis added to poor trade relations. Bill Kubota talks to journalist Ti-Hua Chang, San Francisco State University, Asian American Studies professor, Dr. Russell Jeung, and Michigan State Representative, Padma Kuppa from Troy in Oakland County.
  • Rounding out the episode is some video of the Ferndale T-Rex Walking Club courtesy of The Detroit News. Last week, nearly 2 dozen members of the club donned inflatable dinosaur, minion, shark, and unicorn costumes (among others) and walked around the south end of Ferndale to bring a little levity to neighbors.

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