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  • Governor Whitmer Update: Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke with Christy McDonald about the plans to slowly reopen the economy, what she thinks of the Republicans’ plans, ramping up testing, and budget concerns.
  • John Kennedy: Nolan interviews West Michigan businessman and chairman of the West Michigan Policy Forum, John Kennedy, about the economic reopening strategy recently put forth by Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey. Kennedy’s manufacturing plant on the west side of the state is still open and talks with Nolan about the protocols in place for his staff.
  • Telehealth: Is it here to stay? Just a month ago, a health care delivery revolution was set into motion, caused by COVID-19. People are consulting their doctors by computer and smartphone because now the rules have changed. How do you treat people when you have to stay at home? One Detroit’s Bill Kubota looks at how telehealth is working in Detroit and around Michigan.
  • Mental Health in the African American Community during the pandemic: Stephen Henderson talks with Willie Brooks, CEO of Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, and Hodari Brown, a military veteran dealing with PTSD, anxiety, and depression about ways to cope with mental health issues during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Ramadan Begins Tonight: Christy spoke with Dima El-Gamal from the Muslim Unity Center and Imam Mustapha Elturk about the significance of the holy month to the Muslim community, how the community is addressing the challenges of social distancing, and the importance of faith during these uncertain times.

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