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Watch out for voter misinformation. State Attorney General Dana Nessel wants your help pinpointing the culprits

October 1, 2020 – Recent robocalls have targeted Detroiters claiming absentee voters will have their personal information shared with creditors and federal authorities.

Michigan Attorney General Nessel said, “There were robocalls made to residents in the city of Detroit recently with a lot of wrong information.”

Nessel spoke at a special Community Voting Rights Town Hall this week on the same day she announced she was filing charges against two out-of-state operatives she alleges are behind some of the calls.

She explains more about what she’s doing to fight forces she says are efforts to disenfranchise voters including a lawsuit directed at the United States Postal Service for the slowdown of mail service in this extended excerpt.

Learn how the vote works this time around as Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson explains all

An amendment passed by Michigan voters in 2018 gives residents the right to vote by mail.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson explains the ins and outs of voting this fall with the recent changes in the law in a special Community Voting Rights Town Hall this week.

Benson said the amendment “eradicated the barrier that voter registration requirements often create.” Before the amendment voters would have to be registered a month before and election. Now voters can register on the day of the election. Benson has more in this highlight.

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Eating Right during the pandemic

According to Henry Ford Health nutritionist Sayde Beeler, “blueberries and grapes, they help keep our memories sharp.”

Beeler provided a plan to follow to eat better as we enter the new school year in this week’s COVID313 Virtual Town Hall.

She said, “I to challenge adults to go a little bit further in their explanation and really teach kids the impact these have on their bodies.”