Author: Michael Sellers

Fundraising to fix a surging problem in Islandview

In this Islandview update, One Detroit producer Bill Kubota, talks with MACC Development’s Ezekiel Harris about the recent power surges that have rendered 5 of the washing machines at the local cafe / laundromat unusable and what they’re trying to do to address the problem

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11/25/18: American Black Journal – Coleman A. Young / Student Mobility Discussion

On the next American Black Journal, this year marks what would have been Detroit Mayor Coleman Young’s 100th birthday. Stephen talks with the head of the Coleman A. Young Foundation about the Mayor’s legacy, how the foundation is preparing Detroit youth for college and beyond, and an upcoming fundraiser featuring comedian D.L. Hughley. Plus, a special look at the issue of children frequently changing schools in Detroit. We’ll share a portion of a WDET/DPTV public discussion about the causes, consequences and possible solutions.

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