Author: Michael Sellers

Remembering Nancy Wilson, singer with dazzling style

Last week, singer Nancy Wilson died at the age of 81. Wilson — who was also a civil rights activist who marched in Selma — released more than 60 albums in a career spanning five decades, winning three Grammys and scoring many hits.

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State of the Hood

Mayor Duggan’s office recently announced that $35 million will go to development in seven Detroit neighborhoods as part of a program called Strategic Neighborhood Fund 2.0. With new development and corporate investment on the horizon, how do people in different neighborhoods continue to have a say in what’s happening in their communities?

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12/09/18: American Black Journal – Black Bottom Historical Marker / “Junior”

On the next American Black Journal, community input is being sought on the placement and content for a Michigan Historical Marker in Detroit’s former Black Bottom neighborhood. The area was home to several African-American businesses, social institutions and nightclubs until it was demolished to make way for the Chrysler Freeway and Lafayette Park in the early 1960’s. Plus, a Detroit-based filmmaker’s short film about bullying, titled “Junior,” has gone viral and earned an award for its young lead actor from Detroit.

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12/02/18: American Black Journal – Motor City Match / Mario Moore

Detroit’s small business funding initiative, “Motor City Match,” announces its latest round of winners who will share in a $500,000 cash award.  Stephen talks with one of the latest awardees, a previous winner whose business is up and running, and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s VP of Small Business Services.  Plus, a Detroit artist uses his experiences as a Black man to create a thought-provoking exhibition using a unique art technique.

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