Author: Jonathan Shead

30 Year Friendship Paves Way for Common Chords Nonprofit

When Reverand Robert Jones Sr. and Matt Watroba, a former teacher, connected 30 years ago, they found something special when they began creating music. Audiences reacted positively to their camaraderie on stage, which led the two to create the Common Chords nonprofit. One Detroit producer Sarah Smith met up with Jones Sr. and Watroba at the reverand’s church, Sweet Kingdom Baptist in Detroit, to hear more about Common Chord’s mission and vision for the organization’s future.

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DDC Dances Keeps Moving 40 Years After Start

Forty years after four Detroit dancers set out to create a professional contemporary dance studio in the city, DDC Dances studio has continued to move and groove through the decades. Owned and operated by founding member Barb Selinger, DDC Dances still succeeds at choreographing beautiful, deep performances. One Detroit producer Sarah Smith caught up with DDC Dances members while they practiced for their upcoming show, “Stomping Ground,” a reflective dance that will touch on topics like mental health, climate change and more.

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Pizza by the Square: Digging into Detroit Style Pizza’s Origins

Tonight, we dig deep into the origins of the city’s iconic Detroit style pizza and learn why it tastes so good. Plus, where does all the cheese go, and they used what as pans in the past? Find out all these answers and more as One Detroit’s Bill Kubota discusses the history of Detroit style pizza with Buddy’s and Cloverleaf Pizza, as part of the Detroit Public TV’s documentary series Detroit Remember When: Made in the Motor City.

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1/11/22: American Black Journal – Black Leaders Detroit, Workplace DEI, Dance Theatre of Harlem

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Black Leaders Detroit Founder Dwan Dandridge about leveling the playing field for Black-owned businesses and organizations through financial support. Then, Stephen discusses what progress has been made to workplace diversity and what areas are still lacking with marketing consultant Mark S. Lee. Plus, the Dance Theatre of Harlem makes a visit to the Motown Museum in Detroit before the upcoming premiere performance of “Higher Ground.”

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1/10/22: One Detroit – Common Chords, DDC Dances, Detroit Style Pizza

This week on One Detroit, Arts & Culture: A music nonprofit bringing people together, a dance studio still grooving four decades later, and the origins of Detroit style pizza. One Detroit producer Sarah Smith talks with Common Chords, a music nonprofit created by two local friends, about the organization’s mission. Plus, she talks with DDC Dances founder Barb Selinger about the dance studios continued success 40 years later. Then, One Detroit’s Bill Kubota takes a deep dive into the origins of Detroit style pizza, and where all the cheese went.

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