Author: Jonathan Shead

10/03/22: One Detroit Arts & Culture – Concert of Colors, Common Chords, Body Artist Sandra Epps, Monique Ella Rose

This week, One Detroit reports on Concert of Colors’ 2022 return to in-person performances for the 30th anniversary of Detroit’s annual world music festival. Two friends turn a 30-year friendship into a music nonprofit with the goal to bridge the gap between diverse communities. Then, body painter Sandra Epps shares how she began her craft and the transformative nature it can take on a model’s body. Plus, a performance from Monique Ella Rose from “Detroit Performs: Live from Marygrove.”

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Antisemitism Now and Then: Michigan’s Response to the Holocaust and Rising Antisemitism Today

What role did Michigan and its most popular figures play in America’s response to the Holocaust? Ken Burns’ new PBS documentary, “The U.S. and the Holocaust,” is generating conversation about America’s response to the Holocaust. WDET reporter Eli Newman moderates a conversation with experts from the metro Detroit Jewish and interfaith communities about Michigan’s perspective on the Holocaust and the anti-semitism that still exists today.

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9/27/22: American Black Journal – The Black Church in Detroit | Seminary Education and the Future of Ministry

“American Black Journal” continues its series on “The Black Church in Detroit” with a look at the state of seminary education and the future of ministry in Detroit. Host Stephen Henderson talks with seminary leaders and students about the importance of seminary education, the challenges of leading an urban-centered ministry, and how seminaries must stay relevant in today’s changing landscape.

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‘Life in Bloom’ Host J Schwanke Teaches the Art of Making Flower Arrangements

What does it take to create beautiful flower arrangements year-round in Michigan? “Life in Bloom” host J Schwanke invites WRCJ radio host and producer Cecelia Sharpe into his Grand Rapids home for a lesson on flower arranging. Together, they create a two-sided flower arrangement, discuss some common obstacles to flower health, and talk about how viewers can build their own at home.

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