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  • Mochitsuki

Japanese tradition means pounding in the New Year with fresh mochi, rice smashed into a gooey paste and molded into round cakes, then eaten for good luck. Detroit area chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League held its second annual Mochitsuki Holiday Party, with mochi-making as the main attraction.

The mochitsuki celebration is a Japanese tradition that goes back a thousand years.

In this video, we join local student, Kennedy, as she takes a tour of Hindu Temple of Canton to learn more about Hinduism, the 3rd largest religion in the world.

Sports fans in Boston have been known to call their city “Title-Town” for their professional sports teams winning ways. They’ve even dared to called themselves “the City of Champions” as a couple years ago the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox won their respective championships. But they got it wrong as the Celtics lost in the playoffs and Bruins lost in the Stanley Cup Finals. Boston had only two championships in one season whereby Detroit has actually had three – something no other city can yet claim.

The Tigers, Lions and Red Wings all came out on top in one magical season way back in 1935-36. There were no Pistons at the time.

  • Performance
Xiaodong Wei from Concert of Colors


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